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Since 1992 Awesome Adventure have been running Leadership and Team Development training courses for a variety of professional and youth organisations, including the R.Y.L.A. scheme for Rotary International.

Unlike other outdoor courses for young people, the 'YOUTH LEADERSHIP COURSE' has been specifically structured over the years to cater for young people who have demonstrated leadership potential. By highlighting and developing those leadership qualities, we are hoping to add value to their lives and help prepare them for their future in an ever changing world environment, as potential managers/leaders.

 Programmes are experiential, using the classic 'Kolb' learning cycle, i.e. doing a task followed by a review, out of which comes an agenda for learning, which then provides the basis of the next task.

 Working in small teams, Individuals will be encouraged to practice their relevant skills/ qualities and their leadership styles in a variety of challenging outdoor/indoor problem solving tasks, Thus giving them vital early leadership experience and important learning from the review sessions.


There are as many theories about what leadership should be as there have been leaders. It is generally agreed that leaders need to be strong personalities equipped with a strong sense of direction, but beyond that there is a vast range of opinions and arguments.

Leadership skills will be used by different people in different ways, but the basic techniques are the same for everyone.

By the end of the course, participants will have experienced a wide range of activities which will help them gain a better understanding of the basics   i.e:

Leadership Styles, Understanding Group Behaviour, Support, communication, Control, Motivation, Taking Responsibility, Problem Solving, Planning, Delegation and just as important having fun!



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